Discover The Empowering Effect Of Living Boldly

bridge the gap between your now and where you want to be



Are You Ready To Begin Living On Your Terms?

Play A better game and stop allowing life to play YOu with powerful coaching

The clues and queues are all around and within us. The tools we need to live a life we love are within our grasp. Unlocking the code to conscious awareness is the means by which we level up. Learn how to develop and master emotional wellness and begin playing a better game.


A Unique Approach To Wellness

THIs is for bold PEOPLE willing AND committed to their transforMation

A non-therapeutic and client-driven program that helps you level-up to a more fulfilling life by building confidence to begin honoring core values, find meaning and purpose, improve relationships, grow spiritually, and reach your goals. All of this and more in a thought-provoking experience that supports you in maximizing results.


Conscious Manhood

Guys, you're invited to unapologetically redefine masculinity on your terms in a way that's safe and supportive. Let's examine what it means to live as conscious men, in mindful awareness and bold self-exploration. Getting REAL by owning authentic vulnerability with a wellness coach because it’s the manly thing to do.



1. Explore Your Story

Uncover the story behind Your Story and level-up in life

Be the hero of your story. Your story has all the elements for living a more fulfilling life. It's just a matter of perspective. You are the expert player of your experience!


2. Your Desired Experience

Tap into innate creativity and resourcefulness to call in your desired Reality

Go on, give yourself permission to look forward in time. What is the desired experience you want to create and live?


3. You, Me, And A Plan

Co-Created For You, By You

Here's the thing, we all need a framework from which to cultivate our best self. Co-devise a plan that honors your core values, identify thinking patterns that no longer serve you, and releases blocks that prevent forward progress which is key to greater fulfillment.

be Bold, Transform your now


Bold Clients Sharing Their Experience

Ty has been coaching me for sometime now and his guidance has been a blessing. He is really good at asking compelling questions; therefore, I was able to dig deep within myself and get to the root of my core. Ty’s intuition is on point and genuine. He is truly gifted. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Words cannot even express the gratitude I have for him. Ty is an amazing coach!
— Ernesto G, Lauderdale by the sea, FL
Ty is simply a joy to work with! From our first meeting, I felt 100% comfortable and was amazed at the level of intuitive questions he asked and what I was able to see in myself in such a brief time. I highly recommend his services and consider him a trusted resource!
— Leah H, NY Live - Financial Services Professional
Exceptional coach and life changing experience! Ty has been coaching and guiding me for a few years now with readings and coaching sessions! He creates a life changing experience and really gets to the root of my challenge areas. His readings are incredibly accurate, and his optimistic energy is contagious! Be prepared to make large shifts working with Ty and enjoy the journey.
— Ashley S. Charlotte, NC
Ty has an amazing presence and intuition! He is genuine and caring. My experience was over the moon!!!
— Lori Ann P. New Bern, NC
Bryan P.